The Number One Reason You Aren’t Rich

I never saw my father. My friends never met him. My mother spoke of him often like he was some sort of hero. But he was no hero to me. He was, sadly, a sucker.

My father bought into the American dream of working hard, buying a home and getting a new car ever 4 to 5 years. That dream also kept my father away from his family. It kept my father from ever feeling successful. And sadly, it was a major factor that led to his heart attack. He did not die from his heart attack. He just worked harder to pay his new hospital bills.

He did not understand the number one reason he could not get rich.

I wrote this a little dramatically to express an experience that many Millennials experienced. We became “Career Orphans”. We lost our parents to the American dream and their obsessive commitment to their jobs. They committed to job over family. And they expected a job to make them rich.

I do not want to bash my father. As I said, I’m adding a little drama here. My dad loved me and I loved him, but truthfully, I saw very little of him as he thought his role as a parent was to provide the best lifestyle for his family. And he thought his career was the way to provide best.

As a father myself now, I see things very differently.

I do not share the same loyalty toward my jobs that my dad had to his job. The irony being that while employees were loyal to their jobs, their jobs were not loyal to them. Pensions got cut in half or removed entirely. Many of our parents got laid off or lost their jobs to overseas manufacturing. The businesses our fathers, and later our mothers, were so dedicated to did not share that same commitment to their employees. Rather, they shared a commitment to their investors and stock prices.

Here is the number one reason you are not rich… you are working too hard for someone else. Your boss’s job is to get the most work out of you for the least amount of money. When she does that, she gets a bonus. You just get tired and taken away from your family.

The only employee that ever gets rich is the CEO. She gets rich on the backs of all her employees. The system is setup to suck the most life, energy and resources out of the employees and reward the investors.

It’s vampire capitalism and CEOs are the top tier blood suckers.

Earlier I said the number one reason people are not rich is because they are working too hard for someone else. That does not mean hard work is bad. Our country was built on it. But we have to understand the bigger picture of who we are really working for. If its work for the CEO and investors then I have to say, we are suckers.
The irony is that they (the CEOs) are the vampires, but we are the suckers.

I would like to offer a solution. Become self-reliant. Embrace true Capitalism. The Capitalism our forefathers fought for. Build a tiny little business from your computer. Work your day job, but don’t give the extra effort to your boss. No late nights. No long weekends of work. Save your energy and time for your own tiny business and your family.

In The Millionaire Next Door, Thomas Stanley and William Danko wrote:

“Twenty percent of the affluent households in America are headed by retirees. Of the remaining 80 percent, more than two-thirds are headed by self-employed owners of businesses. In America, fewer than one in five households, or about 18 percent, is headed by a self-employed business owner or professional. But these self-employed people are four times more likely to be millionaires than those who work for others.”

These Millionaires understood that employees don’t get rich. They get their life forced stolen. So, if you want to see you family and take good care of them, learn the lessons of our parents:

Your job is the number one reason you can’t get rich.

Hopefully, I’ve been able to write what you’ve already known or felt. I want to do more than just tell you what does not work, I want to encourage you to find a teacher or course that can teach you to be your own boss. Some of these courses teach strategies that take very little time to get started and very little money. Don’t let your boss suck your life away and turn your children into career orphans.

We are the mightiest generation. We see the truth and failings of previous generations.

We got this.