Trump’s Muslim Ban Will Cost U.S. Taxpayers About $15 Billion

The executive order signed by President Trump late Friday night not only cost some green card holders their chance to get back into the United States and trapped others in airports, but it will also likely cost U.S. taxpayers about $15 billion by the time the 90 day ban is scheduled to be lifted.

Keeping citizens from other countries on a ban list past the 90 days laid out in the executive order could cost the country six figures a day, at minimum.

Right now, U.S. Customs agents and embassy/consulate staff around the world are working considerable amounts of overtime to help process those who have visited one of the seven nations listed on the ban list. Helping to determine if they would be restricted to traveling to the United States.

Travelers from the banned countries, especially Iran and Libya, spend a significant amount of money in the U.S., both in terms of leisure and business. In 2013, tourists from the “Trump 7” countries spent about $11 billion overseas for tourist purposes.  Much of this money finds its way to the U.S. directly or indirectly. Additionally, business travel will effectively come to a halt between the countries on the list and the United States, as reciprocal measures are likely to be taken in the coming weeks by at least some of those on the list.

The executive order has also mandated that the Department of Homeland Security start looking at other countries to target them for possible bans in the next 30 days. Extra countries being added to the list runs the risk of U.S companies losing out on billions of dollars’ worth of business as foreign governments react to fact that their citizens are being deprived entry into the United States.

Trade deals, travelers and private businesses are already going to lose significant amounts of money with the 90 day – 7 country ban. U.S. taxpayers will ultimately pay upwards of $15 billion in lost wages, entitlements and increased government spending to deal with the ban. It could get far worse for those stuck on the outside looking in, as well as the taxpayer, if this ban isn’t lifted as soon as possible.